Corporate Gifts, Business Orders & Trade

Corporate Gifts
Are you looking to send out multiple orders out to your customers, staff or friends? Whether you have 1 bottle of wine going to 12 different addresses, or 3 bottles going to 300, we can do it! 

We have wines, beers, 2/3/6/12 packs and even gift voucher options to suit everyones budget or needs. We can include personalised gift cards or notes with every delivery too.  

We have also worked with various businesses to do customised labels and packaging for gifts too - nothing here is out of the question or too difficult.

To get things started, simply message us at with what you are after. Useful information is budget, number of recipients, and style preferences - or otherwise leave it to us! 

Business Orders
If you're wanting to order work drinks for your business, contact us for preferential pricing, routine orders and scheduled delivery options. 

We can supply wines to trade (liquor licence holders) at wholesale prices through our distribution business Wine Diamonds. The easiest way is to set up a trade account with them here