2019 Monte dall'Ora Camporenzo Valpolicella Superiore

2019 Monte dall'Ora Camporenzo Valpolicella Superiore

2019 Monte dall'Ora Camporenzo Valpolicella Superiore

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Grape Varietal(s): Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, and Molinara
How It Drinks: Stimulating, Textural, and Round
Winemaking Style: Progressive

A richer take on Valpolicella by the legendary Venturi family. The Superiore Camporenzo has four months in oak; there is a touch more weight than their Saseti with notes of hay and richer bitter fruit with supporting spice character and minerality.

Pair with ragu or braised short rib!


Alessandra and Carlo Venturini are firm adherents to biodynamic principles. As such, they encourage the growth of biodiversity by planting herbs such as rosemary and lavender in the summer, whose fragrant blooms are attractive to bees; and sowing cereals in the winter, whose roots move and aerate the soil.

In addition, the Alessandra and Carlo have emphasized traditional and native grape varieties wherever possible to give originality and typical wines. "We want to restore value to native vines, old varieties forgotten because poor We try to preserve the knowledge and traditions of our grandparents, who gave value to each plant to recognize and know the qualities as a remedy for commons ills. Also, for the vineyards, there are some helping herbs which we use to prepare tea with flowers and dried leaves (nettle, dandelion, yarrow, sage, peppermint) and that during the summer are spayed on leaves and bunches. For us biodiversity is knowledge and tradition, it is expressed in love for small weeds and no domesticated plants, in the ways they were affectionately called, for the rituals and traditions that has been handed down from generation to generation”.

The Venturinis approach biodynamic agriculture with becoming modesty and curiosity, their daily work governed by the nature’s rhythms. They adopt measures in the vineyard to help preserve the fertility of the land and the developments of micro-organisms, which means that the roots of plants find useful materials in the soil to resist disease and parasitic attack. “Knowledge and respect for natural cycles help us to find the balance that give us a state of well-being and that will benefit our whole microcosm (soil-vine-wine-man)”.

Unfiltered and unfined. Vegan.

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