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    Japan.  It may sound like an unlikely place for wine but is in fact home to some of the greatest, rarest, finest wines in the world. Geographically diverse, culturally diverse, and in terms of grape varieties, vineyard sites, soils and micro-climates, even more diverse! 

    As stereotype would have it, there are also some of the most assiduous, dedicated vignerons we've ever heard of working tirelessly to capture and bottle the essence of these vineyards for us to enjoy. We have just a small snapshot of this with five different producers across four different regions. 

    Seldom do we see natural wines of this quality in our market, and with such bottle age upon release too.  If you are interested in reading more, two very personal accounts of cult producers Domaine Takahiko and Beau Paysage can be found here and here - we hope this gives you some insight about the level of dedication and care these producers go to! 

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